Why The Gym Doesn’t Work For You

  • You are NOT motivated – Spending hours in the gym all alone, everyday can drive you crazy. Don’t you feel like skipping the gym sessions often and then finding yourself dragging yourself? You are no longer enjoying it!
  • It is boring – Demotivation brings boredom! You feel your hard earned money is going down the drain – nothing is interesting. Result – you lose focus and intention.
  • No Guidance – Most fitness individuals have the primary goal to lose weight – but what is your exact target plan? In how many weeks? What routine will you follow? Answer – “DON’T KNOW.” Just working-out everyday and doing the same routine doesn’t actually help – it’s a daily routine you are just following with NO RESULTS and NO GUIDANCE!

BAFA  Can Help You!

Introducing the academy’s BAFA BUILT: Strength and Conditioning Program

If you have been rushing to the gym often and without any visible results – it is time for you to come in and try us out!

BAFA’s STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAM is designed for all those who are trying to lose weight and stay fit but are not able to do so.

NOW you will be all SET to enter a HEALTHIER and FITTER LIFE!

Is the program for you? Who can join? The best part is that the program is for EVERYONE, ANY AGE, ANY EXPERIENCE, ANY LEVEL…

Those who:

  • Need to lose a few pounds
  • Need to lose several pounds
  • Desire to gain cardio endurance
  • Need to improve Energy Levels
  • Want to improve Overall Health & Wellness
  • Simply wish to have fun in a group setting
  • Want to build muscle endurance
  • Want muscle tone

Trust Us And See How We Care. Our BAFA BUILT Program works amazingly – we will help you to lose fat, stay fit, feel energetic and happy.

STOP believing in quick fix diets and fads and think for yourself – Wouldn’t you love to have a healthier lifestyle?

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