Kickboxing classes are a growing trend in today’s fitness world. In fact just about every major gym in the Bay Area offers at least one type of class branded as some form of “kickboxing.”


We live, breathe and sweat kickboxing. What most gyms don’t tell you is that this is more than just a sport. It’s a martial art, complete with its own tradition and skills.

YES!    Kickboxing is a great workout,
YES!    Anybody can learn how to do it,
YES!    You will burn calories and shed fat,
ABSOLUTELY!    You will have fun working out,

We use a more comprehensive approach to kickboxing.

Our kickboxing class guarantee those great physical results you are looking for, but we ALSO help and motivate our students to achieve higher levels of confidence, self-awareness, mental resilience and focus.

Because we are also a mixed martial arts school, our expertly trained team of instructors are here to help each and every student meet their goals, and to give our students the attention they need not only to hone their kickboxing skills, but also to bring them to a deeper level of well-being.

Whether you’re looking for an excellent cardiovascular workout, a life-long discipline, or an opportunity to learn how to defend yourself in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment, BAFA’s Kickboxing class will empower you to move through life with the confidence and inner strength. Come visit us for a FREE TRIAL!